IRS Refund Search – Unclaimed Checks

Last year alone, the IRS had 99,123 income tax refund checks totaling $153.3 million — an average of $1547 per taxpayer — go undelivered; mainly due to unreported changes of name and/or address, typically after a move, marriage, death or divorce. In addition, each year an estimated one-half billion dollars in IRS refund checks that are delivered are not cashed and go unpaid every year.
Undeliverable income tax refunds, tax rebates and stimulus checks are but one small component of unclaimed funds held by the IRS. A significantly greater number of checks are delivered, but for one reason or another are never cashed. Estimates are the total amount outstanding is in excess of $6 billion.

Taxpayers must request reissue if a tax refund check has been lost, destroyed or voided due to the passage of time — US Treasury checks are generally negotiable one year from the date of issue. Because the funds are held by an agency of the U.S. Federal government, your name will not appear in a state unclaimed property database search.

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