Missing Money and Unclaimed Property Search

Millions of Americans are entitled to a share of a multi-billion dollar government trust fund consisting of unclaimed cash and forgotten financial assets that have become abandoned in the eyes of the law when the original owners or rightful heirs couldn’t be found.

Assets often get misplaced due to poor record keeping; loss of documentation in a fire, flood or other natural disaster; name changes after marriage or divorce; the expiration of a postal forwarding order after a move; as a result of computer or clerical errors; and most commonly, after death of the owner.

► Family members often are unaware they’re entitled to collect forgotten money and unclaimed property owed deceased relatives, who may not have left behind an updated will or complete financial records.

These monetary assets – including unclaimed life insurance policies, trust funds and inheritances, forgotten stocks, bonds and bank accounts, missing tax refunds and non-refunded deposits, pensions, retirement accounts and veterans benefits; and virtually any other payment or entitlement that has been forgotten or gone unclaimed – are transferred to the protective custody of a government trust account.

Here this money awaits your claim. To search for unclaimed moneys and property in your name, or in the name of a deceased family member, complete the form below.