BIA Native American Indian Trust Fund Search

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) holds 11 million acres in trust for Native Americans. Money from timber sales, agricultural and oil leases is distributed under the Individual Indian Monies (IIM) program. In addition to Individual Indian Monies, the Office of Trust Funds Management administers Tribal Trust Accounts.
► The Special Trustee for American Indians oversees annual payments of $450 million for 300,000 Native Americans, but the whereabouts of 47,000 Native Americans eligible for payment are unknown.

Due to lost and inaccurate records – many lack a current address and social security number – you will likely not be contacted, so you should initiate a search. Because the funds are held by an agency of the U.S. Federal government, your name will not appear in a state unclaimed property database search.

► The settlement of recent class action litigation will significantly increase your entitlement. On November 30, 2010, Congress authorized a $3.4 billion payment owed over 500,000 Native Americans. The federal government will also create a $60 million Native American Indian Education Scholarship Fund to improve access to higher education for Native Americans.

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